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About Damanhur nederland

Damanhur Netherlands strives to preserve, develop and spread the culture of the principles of spiritual life, philosophy, cultural heritage, intellectual property and the experiences of living and working together in communities of Damanhur and its founder Falco Tarassaco in the Netherlands and Belgium.

What do we do?

Damanhur Netherlands strives to preserve, develop and spread the culture of the principles of spiritual life, philosophy, cultural heritage, intellectual property and the experiences of living and working together in communities of Damanhur and its founder Falco Tarassaco in the Netherlands and Belgium.

These goals are achieved by:

  • Exchanging and providing information

  • Giving lectures, workshops and training

  • Providing space and taking initiatives to spread the ideas of community/group-oriented work and life

How do we do that?

There are a number of principles for a smooth and goal-oriented collaboration for Damanhur Netherlands. These principles have a sociocratic basis.

Damanhur Italy focuses on facilitating the SoMs and making teachers available.

There is the Velj – Damanhur NL Foundation with a board that is responsible for the legal obligation and contracts with Damanhur Italy

The board is currently also the general circle with a facilitating task for the community and activities of Damanhur in NL.

Over time, the General Circle will also include active members who do not necessarily sit on the Board, so that we feel jointly responsible for its success.

The General Circle does not do any projects itself. She is only coordinating and facilitating.

How / when does someone join the general Circle?​

  • Let the General Circle know that something has been devised if it is important to report and fits in with the objectives of DH-NL.

  • If the project becomes extensive and needs to be mentioned on the website, for example, or if money is needed, make a plan for this and come to the General Circle to explain it.

  • If it is a long-term and extensive project, you may be involved in the general circle for a while.

  • If you enjoy being in the General circle and would like to take on a general task after such a project, for example, you will come to the Alg for a longer period of time. Circle.

Someone comes up with an idea for a project and sees if he/she finds a circle of people who want to think along.

We want to work with a cycle that responds to the benchmark moments of Damanhur Italy: Solstices, Equinoxes Death ritual, DH year that starts on September 1, Falco's birthday and the Epagomenoi days between Christmas and New Year's Eve.

We set the times according to the DH-NL planning

  1. On Falco's birthday, we are calling on you to submit ideas / make plans for the following year before September 1.

  2. Shortly after the start of the DH year on September 1, there will be an inspiration day for all Damanhurians in NL to discuss and supplement the submitted plans.

  3. During the Epagomenoi days (between Christmas and early January) the plans are finalized with a small ceremony.

What is Damanhur?

Damanhur is a federation of spiritual communities, with its own constitution, culture, art, music, currency, schools and use of science and technology. The people (Damanhurians) are open to sharing their knowledge and research with other groups and cultures of the world, with anyone interested in exploring these themes.


Damanhur hosts events at centers and organizations in cities around the world, and also attracts thousands of visitors each year who participate in tours, seminars, retreats and courses through Damanhur University.


The community has attracted interest from scientists, educators and researchers in the fields of arts, social sciences, spirituality, medicine and alternative health, economie and ecological sustainability.


Damanhur was founded in 1975 from the inspiration of Falco Tarassaco. (Born as Oberto Airaudi (1950-2013)). His spiritual and pragmatic vision created a fertile ground based on solidarity, sharing, love and respect for the environment. Damanhur has grown into a sustainable eco-community, awarded by the United Nations.

Damanhur has werehas attracted worldwide attention as a laboratory to experiment with sustainable ways of living, in harmony with nature and its elements and forces. The foundation of this is Falco's original vision of a community based on ethical and spiritual values.


Damanhur is perhaps best known internationally for its extraordinary underground artwork and architecture, a cathedral known as the 'Temples of Humankind'. This complex was completely excavated by hand in the heart of the mountain and decorated with mosaics, stained glass, sculptures, murals and other works of art. The Temples of Humankind are dedicated to awakening the divine spark that resides within every human being.


This spark is visible on the faces and in the daily actions of those who live in Damanhur. It is where Namaste… or as we say here, Con te (“I am with you”) comes to life, where every encounter is an opportunity to remember our shared essential divine nature.


Our citizens in Damanhur Italy live in 25 different 'nucleocommunities', inspired by Falco's original teachings of self-refinement through positive thinking, promoting diversity, embracing change and pursuing your dreams with a sense of humor and adventure.

Every day, Damanhurians experience these philosophies by taking action in the areas of art, culture, family life, work and politics and seeking out the subtle energies that make up the universe.


To emphasize the importance of change, humor and respect for life, many Damanhur citizens choose to use a ​​animal and plant name that they use every day . When you visit us, you may encounter people like  Cigno Banano (Swan Banana), Piovra Caffè (Octopus Coffee) and Condor Girasole (Condor Sunflower).


While pursuing one's individual talents and “ways of service” is always encouraged, Damanhur residents agree that the community as a whole is equally important. The individual is both “I” and “we”.


As a community, Damanhurians (and others who wish to join) recognize themselves as “Popolo Spirituale” (spiritual people).

Damanhur, the spiritual path… which we call the School of Meditation… leads every citizen through a lifelong process of self-examination and search for the meaning of existence. This is facilitated by the study of ancient magical traditions and the celebration of the rhythms of nature. On this path, everyone learns to develop their talents and overcome their weaknesses (and help others do the same).

Damanhur has established its own written constitution, which contains the principles that form the basis for social and spiritual experience. Damanhur also has a flag, which is yellow with a double square and an infinity sign, and the dandelion as a symbol of Damanhur.


In 2005, Damanhur received recognition from the United Nations Global Forum on Human Settlements as a model for a sustainable society. The price was no coincidence. It was the result of Damanhur's deep respect for the environment as a conscious, sensitive organization and the commitment of our citizens to coexist with the plant and animal worlds (as well as the intelligences that inhabit this universe) in a respectful and nurturing manner.

An example of this philosophy is Music of the Plants, in which the communication with the plant world gives concerts where the musicians are trees and plants play music alongside human musicians.

Damanhur citizens cultivate organic food and livestock, and restructure and build according to green building principles. Some citizens have started businesses in renewable energy, eco-clothing, food production and much more.

Damanhurians prefer natural remedies and a holistic view of wellness, but not the exclusion of science and medicine. The aim is to appreciate life in all its forms, while maintaining the lowest possible impact on the environment. Where applicable, advanced technologies are used as a valuable ally in the defense of health and nature.


As you can see, Damanhur distinguishes itself from other communities by actively using the practical application of science, research and a spiritual philosophy in harmony with the planet.

And yet there is another phenomenon that makes Damanhur truly unique: that is an axis point where four of the 18 synchronous lines worldwide intersect. The ground breathes here. Rocks, trees and plants resonate prana. Everything seems to be subtly activated. The effect, when you visit here, is an undeniable boost of the human spirit.

Walking in Damanhur is walking through the past, present and future. Ancient mysteries and the forgotten wisdom of great civilizations unite with a fresh, technology-inspired vision of an evolving potential future.

The Damanhur Federation of Communities is a member of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), the Italian Ecovillage Network (RIVE) and Conacreis (national coordination of associations and communities of ethical spiritual research).

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